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Belarusian Kreceuski Foundation (Kreceuski Foundation till April 2016) is a nonprofit organization established by Belarusians-immigrants in New York in 1959. The Foundation was named in an honor of Piotra Kreceuski, the first President of the Executive Council of the Belarusian Democratic Republic-in-Exile.

The Kreceuski Foundation was founded as a Membership Corporation in December 1958. It was incorporated in New York State in 1959. Its main purpose was to establish and maintain a Belarusian cultural center with archives/museum, research and related publications and the making of grants. 


In 1960 the Foundation got financial support from the Executive Council of the Belarusian Democratic Republic-in-Exile toward a creation of a cultural center and organizing related activities. The funds were used as down payment toward the purchase of four apartment buildings in Queens County in 1964, and whose rental income provided the ongoing funding for the aim of the Foundation.

The Foundation have provided numerous grants to publishing and cultural activities. The Foundation for many years has helped to publish "Zapisy" ("Records") of the Belarusian Institute of Art and Science. The Archive of the Foundation contains numerous documents and artifacts of the Belarusian Immigration.

The foundation supports publishing activity and gives grants to a research of the history of the Belarusian immigration to the U.S. and other topics related to Belarusian history, culture, and traditions.

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